Autumn Beyer, Dr. Lynne Goldstein, and Susan Kooiman. Image Courtesy of Autumn Beyer

Left to Right: Autumn Painter, Dr. Lynne Goldstein, and Susan Kooiman. Image Courtesy of Autumn Painter.

Autumn Painter and Susan Kooiman created this site as a joint research project through the Campus Archaeology Program Fellowship, directed by Dr. Lynne Goldstein. The website was built by Autumn Beyer through Michigan State University's Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellowship.

The Campus Archaeology Program:

Works to mitigate and protect the archaeological resources on Michigan State University’s beautiful and historic campus. Campus Archaeology works with multiple departments across the University to make sure that this cultural heritage is protected. Almost the entire process of completing an excavation project, from design to historical research to excavation to reporting to outreach is completed by MSU undergraduate and graduate students, advancing their education in unique ways. CAP also works to contribute to the public understanding of MSU’s cultural heritage, through contributions to academic journals, giving talks and presentations on campus, and developing outreach opportunities throughout the community. Learn more!

Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections:

Images throughout the site are courtesy of the Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections unless specifically noted. Learn more!

Michigan State University Special Collections:

Recipes for Capturing Campus Cuisine and the meal reconstruction event were provided by the Cookery and Food Collection, which includes over 10,000 cookbooks and Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project, an online collection of some of the most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. Learn more about MSU Special Collections here.

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